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What to look for on your search for a used auto loan

Although many used auto loan salespeople are fair and honest, they are still trying to pay their bills. The more they sell, the more they make, pure and simple. Unfortunately when looking for a used auto loan you must beware of the tricks that some dealers might try to play.

Watch out for the old lost the keys trick. Seems rather lame but it could happen that they take your keys to have a look at your car and then when you want to leave, the keys are missing. Naturally they try to pressure you into buying something that day. Easy to solve, have an extra set of keys with you and you can walk away. Another attempt to push you with your used auto loan is the ‘take it or leave it’ ploy. Don’t fall for it they are just pushing you to make a decision now. Walk away, if you must, you can always return later. Another point to remember is never say that you can’t afford the monthly payments, respond rather that the price of the car is too high. Now you have a place with which to start negotiating.

The key when looking for a used auto loan is to know what you want before you enter the playing field. That way, you will be less likely to fall victim to the ploys used by salespeople to coax you to do as they want, as opposed to what you truly desire and need.

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